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Port Kembla

Port Safety

Emergency and incident information

Port Kembla proactive crisis management strategy consists of four key elements:

  1. Emergency/disaster response plan.

  2. Protocols for response to security incidents.

  3. Overall security preparedness and controlled access to information arrangements.

  4. Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Management Plan (BCMP).

Port emergencies

Port Kembla VTS
phone: +61 2 4275 0197

 Police, fire and ambulance


Oils spills

Port Authority of NSW holds the Port Kembla Marine Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plan.

The plan details arrangements for preparation, planning, response and recovery from oil and chemical spills within Port Kembla harbour, is a sub plan of the Illawarra Local Emergency plan and is part of the NSW State Waters Marine Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plan.

Port Security 

Port Authority of New South Wales, by way of the Navigation Act 2012, manages the waterside security of the port under the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003. These Regulations outline 3 maritime security (MARSEC) levels for the port.

Level 1 - The default level at which ships, ports and offshore facilities normally operate.
Level 2 - Applies while there is a heightened risk of a security incident.
Level 3 - Applies when there is a probable or imminent risk of a security incident. 

 Berth Marsec Level
 206 (No 4 Bulk Liquids  1
 105, 106 & 107 (AAT Terminal)  1
 104 (Grain Berth)  0 (1 when ship at berth
 103 (AAT Terminal)  1
 201 (Oil Berth)   0 (1 when ship at berth
 202, 203, 204 & 205 (Port Kembla Gateway)  1
 111 & 112 (Bluescope Bulk berths)  1
 109, 110 & 113 (Bluescope Stevedoring berths)  1
 101 (Port Kembla Coal Terminal 1)  1
102 (Port Kembla Coal Terminal 2) 1