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Port Kembla

Certificates of Local Knowledge are required for Masters of commercial vessels between 30m and 80m LOA and are issued under the Marine Safety Act.

Certificate of local knowledge

Certificates of Local Knowledge (COLK) are issued under the Marine Safety Act. The requirements for the issue of a Certificate of Local Knowledge are detailed in Marine Safety Regulation and NSW Marine Pilotage Code.

Certificates of Local Knowledge are required for Masters of commercial vessels between 30m and 80m LOA.

Certificates of Local Knowledge will only be valid for the type of vessel stated on the Certificate of Competency held by the Master at the time of issue.

Please contact Port Kembla to organise suitable time to sit for Certificate of Local Knowledge testing:

phone: +61 2 4275 0100
Certificate of capacity

A Certificate of capacity is a local procedure authorised by the Harbour Master to ensure appropriate ‘on water’ inductions have been completed and port procedures and risks are communicated.

A certificate of capacity may be issued at the Harbour Master’s discretion to assist Masters who are gaining requisite harbour experience before obtaining a Certificate of Local Knowledge.

If permission is granted to the Master of a recreational vessel to enter or operate in the Inner Harbour, the Harbour Master will issue a Certificate of Capacity to the Master of the vessel.

Reasons for requiring a Certificate of capacity:

You have a boat or yacht that you need to sail in/out of Port Kembla?

Here is a simple guide as to what you need to do to safely and legally enter or leave with your boat from the Port.

If the boat is over 30m in length you will require a pilot.

If the boat is NOT over 30m in length read on.

Port Kembla does not allow free movement of recreational craft in the Inner Harbour. Ships, tugs, dive operations and maintenance boats all present risks if uncontrolled access is given to craft. To be issued a certificate of capacity, skippers of a recreational craft are to follow Harbour Master’s instructions to transit the harbour safely.

  1. At least 24hrs before the movement, contact Port Kembla Harbour Master on 4275 0100; explain the situation and timing of the boat movement

  2. Book a Certificate of Capacity at the Port Authority Port Kembla offices with the Harbour Master and the Master transiting the craft through the harbour. This should take about 30 minutes.

  3. The Master will be required to present current relevant qualifications for each and every vessel including;
    • boat licence for size/type of vessel
    • Registration papers for vessel*
    • Insurance papers for vessel*
      (interim papers may be able to be obtained from RMS)
      *These can be provided by email

  4. Upon satisfactory completion of the induction, a Certificate of Capacity will be issued to allow the Master to manoeuvre the boat in/out of the Port during hours of daylight with permission of the Port Kembla Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

  5. On the day of the movement, the Master should contact Port Kembla VTS on VHF Channel 11 an hour before movement through port waters. It is imperative that the boat has operational Marine VHF on board prior to entering/departing the port. Clearance will not be given to enter/depart unless it can be demonstrated that the boat has functioning VHF prior to the movement (handset is acceptable);

  6. The Master of the vessel should follow the instructions given to him by Port Kembla VTS at all times and at no time should attempt the passage through the harbour without clearance from the Port Kembla VTS.

Ordinarily this certificate will remain valid for 12 months unless a breach of conduct results in the cancellation by the Harbour Master.