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Port Kembla


Minimum Draught Requirements

Masters of vessels are required to have minimum draughts of 2% of LOA forward and 3% of LOA aft. The propeller should also be fully immersed.

In windy conditions it is prudent to have the vessel ballasted as deeply as possible.

Under Keel Clearance (UKC)

To allow for safe passage in the port, the Underkeel Clearance (UKC) for ships undertaking pilotage in Port Kembla is required to be not less than 1.25m.

Maximum Draught = (Depth of channel + Height of Tide) / 1.08
All units in calculation are metres

Alongside berth UKC requirements: vessels are required to have a minimum UKC of 0.6m in the Outer Harbour and 0.3m in the Inner Harbour at all times.

Berths and Channels
The latest Channel and Berth depths information can be found in a consolidated list on the Sydney page at this location.