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Port Kembla

Berth and facilities

The port of Port Kembla operates across two precincts, the Inner Harbour and the Outer Harbour.

For the latest information on berth dimensions and water depth at berths refer to the Berths and Channels (Sydney Harbour section)

Car import, general cargo and container facility - inner harbour

Australian Amalgamated Terminals (AAT) operates and provides facilities and services to stevedores holding appropriate licenses.

The Port Kembla Terminal is located adjacent to Berths 103, 105, 106 and 107, Yampi Way, Port Kembla. It is designed as a multi-purpose facility catering for motor vehicles, general cargo and containers.

  • AAT has four berths available with a total length of 910m and a depth alongside of 12.1m
  • Undercover storage capacity of 18,000m2, initial lay down area for 7000 vehicles plus a further 3 ha for break bulk and container storage.
  • Three shore mobile harbour cranes to handle up to 140 tonnes are available
  • Container handling equipment including forklifts and spreaders
  • AQIS approved wash down bay available and designated bond storage
  • Road Transport access for B Double Vehicles
  • On site rail access for train lengths up to 1000m
  • 24/7 onsite security with the main entrance security controlled at all times

Grain terminal - inner harbour

B104 is a common user berth owned and operated by NSW Ports. The Grain Terminal infrastructure is owned and operated by GrainCorp Ltd.

The Grain Terminal is located adjacent to Berth 104.

It provides all storage and handling requirements relating to the in-loading or out-loading of bulk products and specialist oil based lubricants by ship, rail and road for domestic and international purposes.

  • There is one berth available with a total length of 300m and a depth alongside of 15.65m
  • Storage consists of 30 gas-tight self emptying steel bins with a total capacity of 260,000 tonnes
  • Two ship loading gantries operate at combined capacity of 10,000 tonnes per hour
  • All bins are sealed for fumigation and are certified to AQIS standards.
  • Road and rail receival/ discharge facilities

The wharf structure, owned by NSW Ports, is available to other users on a needs basis and can accommodate Capesize vessels to a maximum 315m LOA. Two grain gantry shiploaders have a combined nominal capacity of 5000 tonnes per hour.

Coal terminal - inner harbour

Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT) is operated under lease by a consortium of coal producers. It is a key coal exporting facility on Australia’s ast coast, servicing the southern and western coalfields of New South Wales.

PKCT operates two berths, Berth 101 and Berth 102 (both bulk products):

  • Berth 102 is the main exporting coal terminal with the available berth length of 300m with a depth alongside of 16.2m
  • The Coal berth has two ship loaders capable of loading at 6,600 tonnes per hour. (The ship loaders are rail-mounted and have a hatch coverage of 235m)
  • Road and rail receival/discharge facilities
  • Berth 101 handles small quantities of bulk products such as coke and slag
  • Available berth length of 200m with a depth alongside of 11.5m

Berths 109,110,111,112,113 (inner harbour)  are owned and operated by BlueScope

Common user terminal - outer harbour

Port Kembla’s common user facility is leased to The Port Kembla Gateway Pty Ltd.

Port Kembla Gateway operates four berths (202, 203, 204 and 205) and is located off Christy Drive, Port Kembla.

The facility is primarily used for bulk and break bulk cargoes.

  • Available berth length of 360m with a varying depth alongside least being 10.05m.
  • Undercover storage in three sheds total 4000m2
  • The Gateway has a bulk ship loader capable of loading at 1000 tonnes per hour.
  • 80 tonne registered weighbridge operated by personal ‘Smartcard’
  • 35 tonne forklifts, front end loaders, water truck, 17 tonne luffing crane, grabs, hoppers

Bulk liquids facility - outer harbour

Berth 201

Owned and operated by NSW Ports - primarily used for fuels discharge and loading.

Available berth length of 200m with a depth alongside of 10.9m
Capable of discharging fuel products

Berth 206

Owned and operated by NSW Ports - primarily used for a range of bulk liquid products.
Available berth length of 80m with a depth alongside of 11.25m.