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Port Kembla

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels of greater than 30m in length or those required by the Harbour Master.

A vessel’s estimated time of arrival (ETA) must be confirmed by agents 24 hours prior to arrival so that services can be co-ordinated and allocated.

All vessels proceeding to Port Kembla are required to call the Vessel Traffic Services Centre (VTSC) using the term "Port Kembla VTS" on VHF Channel 16, two hours and again one hour before arrival to confirm ETA.

On approaching five miles off at the designated report position vessels should call "Port Kembla VTS" on VHF Channel 11, and remain on that frequency and await instruction for berthing and pilot boarding. At this time vessels must confirm their fore and aft draft to VTS.

Vessels MUST NOT pass between the islands or between the islands and the breakwater without the express permission of the Harbour Master or delegate.

Vessels arriving at Port Kembla will be required to be in possession of an International Ship Security Certificate (ISPS Code).

The Port Kembla VTS operates on VHF Channels 16 & 11 (Port operations only).

The attention of Vessel Masters is drawn to Rule 5 (lookout) and 6 (Safe Speed) of the NSW COLREGs and International Rules and Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea, which also apply within the Port of Port Kembla.