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Newcastle Harbour


Certificates of Local Knowledge are issued under the Marine Safety Act 1998 (section 29). The requirements for the issue of a Certificate of Local Knowledge are detailed in the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 (Part 5, Division 7) and the NSW Marine Pilotage Code Vol 1 (Schedule 3) issued on the 1st of February 2011 (as revised 23rd October 2015).

Certificates of Local Knowledge will only be valid for the type of vessel stated on the Certificate of Competency held by the Master at the time of issue and will cover Newcastle harbour.

Certificates of Local Knowledge are not normally required for masters of vessels of less than 30m LOA and are limited to vessels up to 80m LOA. In some circumstances the Harbour Master may require the Master of a vessel less than 30m LOA to possess a Certificate of Local Knowledge.

Please print and complete the application forms and submit to Port Authority for processing.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Port Authority of New South Wales

phone: +61 2 4985 8222