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Newcastle Harbour

Newcastle Port Corporation became part of Port Authority of New South Wales on 1 July 2014, in conjunction with the ports of Sydney, Port Kembla, Eden and Yamba, after the successful long-term lease by the NSW Government to a new lessee: the Port of Newcastle Ltd. Port Authority retains the responsibility for the provision of the piloting service and the Harbour Master functions within the port.

Pilotage is the only statutory charge at Newcastle Harbour managed by Port Authority. It is a compulsory charge levied to all commercial vessels, including cargo and passenger vessels, piloted fishing vessels, research vessels and piloted tugs.

Pilotage - 2021/22

 Charging Principle Calculation  PDF Documents

Charge levied to all piloted movements, both in and out of Newcastle. It is compulsory for all commercial vessels, unless exempted by section 75 of the Marine Safety Act 1998


Rate per Movement = Boarding Fee + [Rate per Vessel's Gross Tonnage on a Tier Basis x Location Multiplier] Newcastle's Pilotage Charges

Newcastle is a river port located approximately 10k away from the ocean to its farthest navigable point. For this reason, pilotage charges in Newcastle have a multiplier value based on the location of the berth across the river, which reflects both the distance a pilot needs to travel and the time a pilot is required when boarding into a vessel.

Below are the location sectors with their respective berth codes and location values.

Location Sector  Berth Location Multiplier
Entrance  T1, TB, QW  0.50
West Basin  CAR, E1, E2, W1, W3, W4, SP  1.00
Lower Dyke   CH, D1, D2  1.10
Dyke  D4, D5  1.20
Koor GC  K2, K3, M4, B6  1.20
Koor Coal  K4, K5, K6, K7, K8, K9, K10  1.40
Mayfield  M7  1.40
Future Development  T4  1.60
North Arm  EGLO  0.97
Tomago  TOM  3.87

If you require information on port charges at Newcastle port other then the pilotage contact the Port of Newcastle

Updated 14/10/2021 - Download the FY 2021/22 Port Charges for Port Authority of New South Wales

Click here to download last year's pricing FY2020/21 for the entire Port Authority of New South Wales

Pricing - information for stakeholders

New Pricing For Financial Year 2020/21

Port Authority of New South Wales' Pilotage Services in Newcastle for FY 2020/21

Pricing Enquiries

For further information regarding port charges in Newcastle Harbour, please contact:

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