Newcastle Harbour
Aerial shot of vessel leaving Newcastle
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    Newcastle is 162km north of Sydney and is the economic and trade centre for the Hunter region. Our harbour provides a significant gateway to the resource rich Hunter Valley and for much of the north and northwest of NSW.

    Newcastle Harbour is Australia's oldest export port and one of the country’s largest tonnage throughput ports. Coal exports represent more than 90% of total tonnage, which includes other bulk cargoes such as grains, vegetable oils, alumina, fertiliser and ore concentrates.

    Wave, Wind & Tide

    For up to date information on Hunter Coastal Waters visit the Bureau of Meteorology site

    BOM - Hunter Coastal Waters

    BOM - Weather Forecast Newcastle

    BOM - 128km Newcastle Radar Loop 

    Vessel Movements

    For vessel movements and bulletins for Newcastle Harbour use cPORTS.

    Information for Students
    A brief history

    A history of Newcastle Harbour from its beginnings as a penal colony to the major world port that it is today.

    Old photo of the Birubi at sea with Nobby's head in the background
    Port Charges

    Newcastle Harbour became part of Port Authority of New South Wales on 1 July 2014, in conjunction with the ports of Sydney, Port Kembla, Eden and Yamba, after the successful long-term lease by the NSW Government to a new lessee: the Port of Newcastle Ltd. Port Authority retains the responsibility for the provision of the piloting service and the Harbour Master functions within the port.

    Pilotage is the only statutory charge at Newcastle Harbour managed by Port Authority. It is a compulsory charge levied to all commercial vessels, including cargo and passenger vessels, piloted fishing vessels, research vessels and piloted tugs.

    Berths & Channels

    Newcastle Harbour is one of Australia's most diverse regional ports and one of the world's largest coal export ports. With about 2000 ship visits (or 4600 ship movements) per year and up to 23 vessel movements within a 24 hour period, the port provides major economic benefit to the city, the region and the State of NSW. 

    Berths in Newcastle Harbour are managed by Port of Newcastle Operations Pty Ltd (PON).

    Promulgated Depths

    Promulgated Depth Notices refer to the formally declared depths at wharves and in channels in Newcastle Harbour and it is controlled information.

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