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Port of Eden

There are applicable statutory and non-statutory charges at Port of Eden. Charges are levied to all commercial vessels, including cargo and passenger vessels, piloted fishing vessels, research vessels and piloted tugs.

Navigation - 2022/23

 Charging Principle Calculation
Charge levied to ensure safe navigation of vessels through Port of Eden and for the provision of various services such as: Navigation Aids, Emergency Response and Port Operations, among others  Rate per Vessel's Gross Tonnage x Port Entry (With a Maximum)

Pilotage - 2022/23

Charging Principle  Calculation
Charge levied to all piloted movements, both in and out of Port of Eden. It is compulsory for all commercial vessels, unless exempted by section 75 of the Marine Safety Act 1998  Rate per Movement = Rate x Vessel's Gross Tonnage on a Tier Basis

Site Occupation - 2022/23

 Charging Principle Calculation
 Time-based fee for the use of Port of Eden's berths (Breakwater Wharf, Snug Cove, Multi-Purpose Wharf and Navy Wharf) by vessels occupying all or part of a berth which are either discharging/loading cargo   Rate Per Day

Wharfage & Miscellaneous - 2022/23

Charging Principle  Calculation 
 Charge levied for the provision of wharf and berth infrastructure, and other services such as: Trade Facilitation, Transport Coordination, Serviced Land or Berth Specific Dredging Rate x Revenue Tonne Volume and/or Rate x Container Type (Full or Empty)

Click here to download the Schedule of Port Charges - effective 1 July 2023:
FY 2023/24 Schedule of Port Charges for Port Authority of New South Wales

Schedule of Port Charges for Eden - effective 1 January 2023:
FY 2022/2023 Schedule of Port Charges for Port Authority of New South Wales

Pricing - information for stakeholders

Change to pilotage pricing for Financial Year 2021/22

Port Authority's letter to customers detailing change to existing pilotage charges

Ancillary charges at Eden Cruise Berth

Security, cleaning and other ancillary charges


Pricing Enquiries

For further information regarding port charges in Port of Eden, please contact:

Commercial Team
Senior Commercial Analyst
phone: +61 2 9296 4999
email: [email protected]
Invoice Enquiries
Revenue Coordinator
phone: +61 2 9296 4999
email: [email protected]