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Look Out Ships About

If you’re a recreational boater, take care and remember to look out, ships about.

Steps to stay safe near seagoing ships

  • Always keep a lookout for seagoing ships

  • Determine if a ship is moving towards or away from you and act early so you can move away from these seagoing ships.

  • Familiarise yourself with the shipping channels or fairways - don’t block or anchor in them.

  • Always keep a safe distance away from a large vessel.

  • From the ship’s bridge it is hard to see smaller boats. Some ships will have blind spots ahead of up to 600 metres.

  • Stay far enough away to be in sight.

  • Act early so you can move away from these seagoing ships

  • Stay clear of shipping channels when seagoing ships are entering or departing the ports. 

  • Be aware of wakes of seagoing ships, particularly when a large vessel is in relatively shallow water and moving at higher speeds.

  • Always have your navigation lights on at night so other vessels can clearly see you.

More information, channel maps and daily vessel movements for: