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Port of Eden

Twofold Bay has limited facilities for recreational yachts and smaller vessels. The following points are intended for guidance as to the available facilities.

Further information can be obtained from the Harbour Master’s office during office hours (Monday–Friday 08.00 – 16.00).

phone: +61 2 6496 3129
fax: +61 2 6496 3024

Mooring Information

  • There are no public mooring buoys available in Twofold Bay.
  • Visiting private vessels and yachts may moor at the Mooring Jetty, with a minimum distance between vessels in order to optimise space. It will often be necessary to raft up alongside other vessels. The Mooring Jetty is situated on the western side of Snug Cove. It is a 150m long concrete decked, wooden fended jetty, 150m long.
  • In times of peak congestion, visiting yachts may moor at the Main Jetty, however priority of access is given to the fishing fleet and the visiting vessel must move without delay when requested to do so by a fishing vessel.
  • Yachts and private vessels must not moor at the Breakwater Wharf unless express permission is given by the Harbour Master.
  • Vessels must not be left unattended for any extended duration whilst moored at any jetty in Snug Cove. Snug Cove is not an all-weather harbour and the responsibility for safe mooring at all times rests with the vessels owner.
  • Mooring fees are to be paid at the Harbour Master’s office. (Monday–Friday 08.00 - 16.00)

Steer Clear

A Waterside Exclusion Zone of 500m exists around any naval ship moored at the Eden Multi-Purpose (Navy) Wharf. Therefore any yachts anchored in East Boyd Bay must clear the bay should a warship arrive.

A Waterside Exclusion Zone of 30m exists around all commercial ships moored in the port, regardless of their location.


Available at all jetties in Snug Cove.


  • 240V power outlets are fitted at the Mooring Jetty.
  • 240V and 415V (3 phase) power outlets are fitted at the Main Jetty.


Diesel fuel is available by road tanker. Deliveries can be arranged by contacting:

South Coast Ice Supplies (Caltex Fuel Agent)
Snug Cove, Eden, 2551
phone: +61 2 6496 2006
mobile: 0427 898 901

Vessel Repairs

A slipway is available for vessels, up to approx 25m LOA and 150mt gross.
Boat repairs, chandlery and engineering services are also available.

Eden Slipway Services
249 Imlay Street
Eden, NSW, 2551
phone: +61 2 6496 1711
fax: +61 2 6496 3528