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01/10/2020 12:46 PM

Port Authority’s plan for the future

A new strategic plan outlines Port Authority’s vision for a successful and sustainable future for the working ports of NSW.

Port Authority of New South Wales has launched a new strategic plan to guide it forward for the next five-years.

The Vision and Strategic Plan 2020–25 outlines Port Authority’s long-term goals, strategic priorities, its commitment to sustainability and a refresh of its organisational vision, values and purpose.

“Our priority has been to develop a strategic plan that ensures Port Authority always provides safe, efficient and sustainable maritime services and port assets that support the needs of NSW,” says Port Authority CEO, Philip Holliday.

“To drive us forward, we have developed five organisation-wide strategic priorities that will deliver real and tangible outcomes for our people, customers, stakeholders and port communities.”

Over the plan’s five years, key outcomes from Port Authority’s strategic plan include:

  • A unified ‘one port’ approach to align ways of working.

  • A commitment to higher levels of customer service.

  • A system to embed continuous operational improvement, innovation and performance measurement.

  • A framework to ensure operational and landside port assets are sustainable and optimised for future opportunities.

  • A focus on greater stakeholder and community engagement.

“With this strategy, Port Authority has a clear and meaningful framework for producing better outcomes for NSW,” says Mr Holliday.

See Port Authority’s Vision and Strategic Plan 2020–25

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