A Port Authority employee at a work station fixing an engine
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  • Harbour Master's Directions
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  • Wave, wind and tide
  • Cruise schedule
  • Notices to mariners
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  • The Code of Conduct outlines a set of general business ethics and standards of professional behaviour applicable to all directors, employees and contractors of Port Authority of New South Wales.

    The code of conduct defines for all employees what behaviour is expected of them and what behaviour is considered unacceptable.

    Sponsorship, gifts & membership policy

    Sponsorship, gifts & member policy provides guidelines and procedures to assist managers in considering requests for sponsorships or payment of memberships or for gifts; and to ensure that consistent standards are applied for the benefit of the Corporation and its employees.


    • Port Authority of New South Wales Enterprise Agreement 2010-2014
    • Marine Pilots Enterprise Agreement 2010-2013
    • Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994