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At Port Authority, you will find an organisation that values diversity and inclusion and works hard to put those values into practice.

Together, we are building a culture where these values are shared by all employees; where differences are valued and accepted; and where employees are able to achieve their potential and strive for excellence.

Our Employee Diversity and Inclusion Policy sets out our commitment to diversity and inclusion and reinforces our values to all of our employees. It is led by three guiding principles:

We value diversity and inclusion

Port Authority puts high value on having a diverse and inclusive working environment. We recognise the benefits that diversity brings to our organisation and the different ideas, knowledge, experience and perspectives that individuals bring with them.

We recruit, develop and promote with diversity in mind

When we recruit, develop and promote employees, it is always based on merit, capability and equal opportunity.

We adhere to the overarching principle that we always select and promote the best person for the job and coach staff to eliminate conscious or unconscious bias from our practices and processes.

We measure and monitor our diversity progress

We don’t just value diversity and inclusion, we actively measure and monitor it (including equal pay) to help us make sure our values are being adhered to across the organization.

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