Sydney Harbour bridge and Port Authority vessel about to go under the bridge
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    Port Authority of New South Wales' Notices to Mariners provide marine safety information on changes that could affect the safety of vessels within the ports of Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay.

    Notices to Mariners advise of:

    • changes to buoyage and other aids of navigation
    • changes to depths in channels or berths
    • navigation warnings and hazards
    • works that may affect the safe navigation of vessels e.g. dredging, construction and cable laying.

    The Australian Hydrographic Office of the Royal Australian Navy is the Commonwealth authority responsible for AUS Chart production and the circulation of Australian Notices to Mariners. Information contained in Port Authority Notices to Mariners is reproduced regularly in the Australian Notices to Mariners. These notices are acknowledged as being an authoritative, accurate guide on changes to marine charts.

    Notices to Agents

    Good communication between a port authority and stakeholders is an essential part of running a port.

    As one of our stakeholder groups, agents receive copies of Notices to Mariners that affect the safe navigation of the ships they represent.

    Notices to Agents are aimed at formalising the information flow to agents and provide all parties with an easy reference system similar to that used for Notices to Mariners.

    Notices to Agents will be used to provide information on procedures or policies that affect agents.