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Our vision for a sustainable future

Port Authority of New South Wales is committed to ongoing collaboration with our people, customers, stakeholders and communities to improve social and environmental outcomes in and around our ports.

In developing a Sustainability Plan in 2020, Port Authority has created a framework for embedding sustainable practices and initiatives within our operations, while delivering economic prosperity for NSW by facilitating shipping, tourism and trade. It gives us a guide to how we can become more sustainable and provides a scalable operating model for defining, developing and delivering consistent and structured sustainability initiatives. ​​​​​​​Several sustainability initiatives are well progressed and developed, supporting Opportunity Areas across all of our Focus Areas and aligning to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read our Sustainability Policy here.


The sustainability initiatives driving change at the Port Authority cover activities on land and at sea, plus underwater environments. As an organisation, we seek to have a positive and lasting impact on every area in which we operate.

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