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Macquarie Pier Revitalisation Project

Newcastle’s iconic Macquarie Pier and its historic harbourside walkway have been revitalised in a $1.85 million improvement project by Port Authority of New South Wales.

Macquarie Pier at the entrance to Newcastle Harbour is an iconic and historic local attraction, popular with tourists and the local community.

Open to the public year-round, Macquarie Pier provides a public walkway and cycle path that extends 900m north along the water from Nobbys Beach to the Newcastle Breakwater. The site is also a key location for charity fun runs and events and provides public access to the heritage-listed Nobbys-Whibayganba headland, one of Newcastle's most famous landmarks.

Image: an aerial view of Nobbys-Whibayganba headland

Macquarie Pier also retains an operational function as an access route for the Newcastle Breakwater and the active signal station and lighthouse on Nobbys-Whibayganba headland.

As the owner of the popular site, Port Authority recognises Macquarie Pier’s immense value to Newcastle and has undertaken a $1.85 million upgrade to ensure it’s enjoyed by visitors and the city’s community for years to come.

A walk through Newcastle’s maritime history

Port Authority’s Macquarie Pier Revitalisation Project celebrates Newcastle’s maritime history and seamlessly complements the Bathers Way coastal walk.

Image: concept art of the revitalised Macquarie Pier 

The revitalised Macquarie Pier features:

  • A widened waterside footpath
    Walk along the water’s edge on an upgraded 900m-long pathway that stretches from Nobbys Beach to the entrance of Newcastle Harbour.

  • A space for gathering and relaxing
    Watch the activity of the working port while enjoying a coffee from a mobile café in a new paved area at the foot of Nobbys Head.

  • Sandstone seating
    Take a break and take in the harbour views from new sandstone-block seating set along the Macquarie Pier pathway.

  • Heritage interpretation
    Connect with the past through heritage features, interpretative signage and an audio-visual tour which tells the story of Newcastle’s maritime history. To immerse yourself in local maritime history, scan the QR code on the signs to enjoy the audio visual tour or see the full video guide here.

  • Maritime-style fencing
    Stay safe along the Macquarie Pier pathway with new fencing in fitting with the maritime location.

Image: concept art of the revitalised Macquarie Pier 

Project works

Works for the Macquarie Pier Revitalisation Project began in August 2020 and was completed in April 2022.

Stage one: the revitalisation of the Macquarie Pier pathway was completed and reopened to the public on 21 December 2020.

Stage two: the installation of interpretive heritage signage and an audio tour along the route to tell the story of Newcastle’s maritime history. Completed and open to the public on 6 April 2022.

Funding support

The Macquarie Pier Revitalisation Project was proudly funded by Port Authority of NSW, supported by the NSW Government via the Newcastle Port Community Contribution Fund and contributions from the Port of Newcastle.

More information

Click here to find out more about Nobbys-Whibay​ganba headland or alternatively, contact Port Authority with enquiries about the Macquarie Pier Revitalisation Project.