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Port of Yamba

Notice to Mariners

Notices to Mariners for the Port of Yamba, provide marine safety information on changes that could affect the safety of vessels within port limits or approaches.

Notices to Mariners advise of:

  • changes to buoyage and other aids of navigation
  • changes to depths in channels or berths
  • navigation warnings and hazards
  • works that may affect the safe navigation of vessels e.g. dredging, construction and cable laying

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Work permits

The following works on a seagoing ship or commercial vessel shall not be undertaken without the expression permission of the Port, via a work permit application submitted in the ShIPS system:

  • hot-work
  • hydrocarbons transfer (bunkers, oily waste, oily slops etc)
  • diving
  • immobilisation of propulsion machinery, steering, mooring or anchoring equipment (or equipment that renders propulsion
  • inoperative)
  • launching and manoeuvring of ships boats (Foreign Flag)
  • hull painting
  • propeller or hull cleaning in water
  • tank washing or pre-washing
  • entry into confined spaces/tanks for work and or inspections
  • general