Supporting the needs of Northern NSW

Australia’s easternmost port, Port of Yamba in northern NSW serves the Northern Rivers and New England regions and the towns of Grafton, Maclean, Ballina, Lismore, Casino and Coffs Harbour.

Port of Yamba provides import and export facilities for the region, is the home port of NSW’s second-largest fishing fleet and supports a vibrant shipbuilding and repair industry.

Around 50 commercial vessels visit Port of Yamba each year, overseen by the Newcastle Harbour Master.


Vessel movements
Recreational Boaters

The key safety tips for small boats around shipping channels are:

  • Recreational boats, both power and sail, should keep well clear of large vessels and ferries
  • Do not cross ahead of large vessels or ferries unless well clear (1,000m). Even when hundreds of metres away, your boat may disappear from the ship master’s view from the bridge
  • Remember, large vessels tend to travel much faster than they appear to be. Give yourself plenty of room
Navigation Restriction - Harwood Bridge

Roads & Maritime Services have advised that construction will commence on a new Pacific Highway Bridge over the Clarence River immediately downstream from the existing Harbour Bridge on 27 March 2017. There will be times when the navigavable spans under, and areas around, the Harwood Bridge will be closed to navigation.

Timeframe for construction is 27 March 2017 to approximately 31 March 2019.

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