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04/11/2021 03:35 PM

Eden Visitor Information Centre finalist in the NSW Tourism Awards 

Port Authority of NSW welcomes the news, The Eden Visitor Information Centre has been named as a Finalist in the prestigious NSW Tourism Awards in the category of Visitor Information Services. 

The NSW Tourism Industry Council awards take in entries from across the State and The Eden Visitor Information Centre is the only business to be named a finalist from the Sapphire Coast.  

Port Authority of NSW CEO Philip Holliday said we are excited to support the Eden Visitor Information Centre and for them to be on the list of finalists for the NSW Tourism Awards.  

``Eden Visitor Information Centre moved into its new location within the Port Authority’s Eden Welcome Centre in May this year, bringing a new Information Centre to an iconic building in Eden’s wharf area,’’ Mr Holliday said. 

The Centre is staffed by a team of 22 volunteers who man the information counter seven days a week, 365 days a year and the operations are overseen by non-profit organisation Eden Tourism Inc. 

The volunteer board and staff have been recognised for their innovative approach to their work during the last year and a half, not only by moving to a new location but by rebranding, diversifying operations, overhauling their retail offering to include mainly local products, and marketing Eden as a special and unique destination. 

The winners will be announced at a Gala Dinner on 3rd February 2022 at Luna Park in Sydney.