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Located in the world-renowned amphitheatre of Circular Quay, the Overseas Passenger Terminal is one of Sydney’s most unique venue shells.

About the Overseas Passenger Terminal 

Flanked by the Sydney Opera House on one side and The Rocks Precinct and Sydney Harbour Bridge on the other, the venue has been used by some of Australia’s largest corporations and most recognised brands to create memorable, iconic experiences. The sheer size and open nature of the available spaces provides hirers an opportunity to constantly re-invent and re-imagine with prime views of the Opera House and the Harbour.


The Overseas Passenger Terminal is Sydney’s premier location for events and activations offering hirers direct views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour from each of its four indoor event spaces. In addition, outdoor venue spaces such as the Southern Forecourt and Northern Wharf both offer unparalleled panoramic views of the world famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. 


Overseas Passenger Terminal - capacity and pricing statement

Arrivals Hall

The Arrivals Hall is a new space on the ground floor of the Terminal. Offering close to 1000m2 of space - 330m2 of which is an atrium area with 6.5m high ceilings - it has 4 double doors leading out to its own wharf area. An additional outdoor space of up to 200m2 can be used for events. Direct bump-in access is available.

Cargo Hall

The Cargo Hall is one of Sydney’s most unique venue spaces showcasing 780m2 of raw, industrial space, with soaring ceilings, polished concrete floors and exposed beams. It has 3 glass floor-to-ceiling bi-fold doors that open directly onto the Harbour for a direct view of the Sydney Opera House. Direct bump-in access is available.


The Mezzanine area is just above the Arrivals Hall with a small deep balcony area, facing the Opera House with amazing views. It has a sense of privacy, with a much lower ceiling height than the Arrivals Hall, making it ideal for intimate events and press calls.

Customs Hall

The largest and most popular space of the venue, the Customs Hall is 1680m2 and runs almost the entire length of the building. Direct views to Sydney Opera House and a large 3m wide balcony make this space appealing for larger corporate events and conferences. Direct bump-in access is available. 

Southern Forecourt

The Southern Forecourt is an experiential imaginer’s dream.  An external paved area at the southern end of the Terminal offering 900m2 of space with 360 degree views of Sydney Harbour including the Sydney Opera House and the CBD. This area is perfect for brand ambassadors and anyone looking to make an impact.

Northern Wharf

The Northern Wharf is a small area at the northern end of the Terminal. It offers views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on one side and the Sydney Opera House on the other and is perfect for small activations and social media campaigns.

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