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Port Authority welcomes filming enquiries for its facilities which include the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the White Bay Cruise Terminal. Use of any Port Authority venue for filming is dependent on a number of factors and must comply with the Operating Environmental Management Plan for that Precinct. All filming can only take place on non-ship days.

Venue hire prices apply.

Any filming request for a shoot over 21 days in length will require Planning Approval.

Drone filming is allowed but the following approvals need to be received prior to any drone activity:

  • Current Licence of Drone Operator
  • Certificate of Drone Operator’s Public Liability Insurance in the sum of $20m
  • CASA NOTAM approval specifying approval for the site and time of the drone filming

All filming will require the assignment of at least one Port Authority Security Guard depending on the requirements of the film crew. In certain circumstances, a venue manager and a traffic controller may need to be appointed to manage the site during filming.

For any filming enquiries please complete the application for venue hire form.

Contact Information

Venue Manager
Port Authority of New South Wales
Level 4, 20 Windmill Street
Walsh Bay NSW 2000 Australia
PO Box 25, Millers Point | NSW 2000 Australia
phone: +61 2 9296 4725
fax: +61 2 9296 4766
mobile: 0458 555 258
email: [email protected]