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Port Authority of New South Wales manages and develops port facilities and services to cater for the existing and future commercial shipping needs in NSW.

Planning for this involves developing land, acquiring strategic assets and enhancing current assets.

Our focus and strategic intent is on:

  • Providing safe, efficient, sustainable, world-class port and marine services
  • Retention and continued operation of our port assets and facilities

As a State Owned Corporation, and as a major land owner of industrial and port related lands, Port Authority performs a number of development approval and review functions. These include:

1. Permission to Lodge
Providing Permission to Lodge (landowner’s consent) for developments proposed by tenants / other parties on land owned by Port Authority, including exempt and complying development.

2. Harbour Master Approval
Providing Harbour Master Approval (under clause 67ZN of the Ports and Maritime Administration Regulation 2012) for any works which will disturb the bed of a port described in Schedule 1 of the Regulation.

Certain minor developments may be exempt or complying development and therefore not require development consent. However, consent from Port Authority as the land owner is still required.

Port Authority aims to provide the highest level of service to our customers while fulfilling our statutory obligations.

If you are proposing to undertake any works on land owned by Port Authority, please contact our Property, Commercial & Mapping team on:

phone: +61 2 9296 4999

If you are proposing to undertake any works within the port areas of Botany Bay, Clarence River (Yamba), Eden, Newcastle Harbour, Port Kembla or Sydney Harbour but not on land owned by Port Authority, please contact the relevant Harbour Master area via the Harbour Master approval page.