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  • 08/10/2017 09:17 AM

    2017/18 peak cruise season begins

    The start of the peak cruise season has officially began with the arrival of Radiance of the Seas on Sunday 8 October. The arrival marks the first of a record 350 cruise ships scheduled to visit Sydney in 2017/18 — up on last year’s record of 344.
    The start of the season coincides with the report Cruise tourism’s contribution to the Australian economy 2016-17 released by the Cruise Lines Industry Association (CLIA). The latest statistics show that Australia’s cruise industry is now worth $5.3 billion, up 15.4% on the previous year.
    Regional NSW will also benefit from the cruise boom as more ships than ever before visit destinations outside of Sydney. Eden and Port Kembla in particular have both seen a leap in cruise visits over recent years.
    Eden’s growth as a cruise destination is set to continue with 15 cruise ships due to visit the Sapphire Coast this season, up from 14 last year and 8 the year before.
    Work is already underway to extend Eden’s multi-purpose wharf to accommodate the larger cruise ships which will make Eden an even more attractive cruise destination and will bring further economic benefit to the region.
    Newcastle is expected to receive 10 cruise ship visits this year, up from 5 last year, while Port Kembla will host two after receiving its first ever cruise ship last year.