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08/09/2021 11:45 AM

Tech solution supports marine manoeuvres in NSW  

Manoeuvring very large ships to port just got safer and more efficient thanks to advanced cutting edge technology Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC®) system being rolled out in our Ports. 

Port Authority of NSW’s Sydney and Botany Harbour Master, Myron Fernandes said within hours of the technology going live in Port Botany, the safety and productivity benefits were acknowledged by industry as “remarkable” – a result we expect to have widespread positive impacts.  

“Ports provide the life support for our economy with 99% of our exports and imports arriving by sea and over $100 billion worth of trade passing through NSW ports each year – so every improvement we deliver has a positive impact for the State’s economy, and ultimately on all NSW residents in some way,” Mr Fernandes said. 

“The technology, called a Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC) system, being rolled out in Port Botany marks another milestone in NSW’s journey delivering new efficiencies, safety outcomes and environmental protections for ships and our port waters. 

“When you consider the size of these vessels and that, like an iceberg, there is an enormous dimension laying under the water, it is essential Marine Pilots have access to the best technology and a comprehensive range of specific information and data. 

“Our Port pilots have oversight of over 4500 deep sea vessels navigating in and out of three of the State’s most important ports.   

“The DUKC system provides them with near real-time data, taking account of a number of variables, including the height of tide, the speed of the ship, the ship’s manoeuvrability, tidal streams and the dynamic motions of the vessel – all essential information used by our highly trained team of marine pilots when manoeuvring these vessels within port waters.” 

Partnering agency, OMC International’s CEO Peter O’Brien said OMC has a proud history of partnering with their clients for the long term to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability through collaborative innovation. 

“It is to our great pleasure to be working with Port Authority of NSW to supply our latest generation DUKC® to their ports of Newcastle and Port Kembla,’’ Mr O’Brien said. 

“We are also very excited to be working with Port Authority of NSW at Port Botany to deliver the most advanced UKC management technologies for this vitally important port, where DUKC® will be used to safely optimise the visiting deep draft container and tanker vessels." 

Sydney and Botany Harbour Master, Myron Fernandes said the new contract centralises and upgrades the DUKC systems for Port Authority of NSW providing UKC calculations, system implementation, ongoing maintenance and support, quality assurances and data management processes for all large commercial vessels at Newcastle, Port Kembla and Port Botany. 

“Port Authority of NSW is embracing these kinds of new technologies to revolutionise marine services within our ports and working harbours we all love and rely on,’’ Mr Fernandes said.