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17/09/2019 04:37 PM

Engagement for third Sydney cruise terminal begins

A new market engagement process for a potential third cruise terminal for Sydney invites industry to address the city’s cruise capacity constraints.

The market engagement process is part of the first phase of a Detailed Business Case, which will be developed by Port Authority of New South Wales in collaboration with NSW Treasury. This follows the development of a Strategic Business Case that assessed the high-level viability of the options.

The project will consider and assess options for an additional terminal at Yarra Bay or Molineux Point near Port Botany, following the Commonwealth Government ruling out Garden Island as an option.

Detailed technical studies of the potential terminal will consider the social and economic benefits, traffic and transport impacts, costs, heritage and environmental impacts, including recreational fishing, at both potential sites.

Cruise is Australia’s fastest-growing tourism sector and addressing Sydney’s cruise capacity is critical to ensure NSW’s position as Australia’s top cruise destination.

The cruise industry creates $2.75 billion for the NSW economy each year, supports around 10,000 jobs and creates around $800 million in wages.

The NSW Government is committed to investigating solutions to the constraints being experienced by the cruise industry in accessing terminal berths in Sydney. The importance of this project is recognised at a State and national level, as well as by the cruise and wider tourism industry.

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