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11/06/2024 12:00 PM

Front-line emergency services and port operators tested their capabilities while further honing their incident response skills at the Port Authority of NSW-led multi-agency training exercise held today in Port Kembla.

The training exercise put first responders and port operators through a rigorous simulated fire
scenario, testing their emergency response protocols at the ATT Terminal in the port precinct.

Port Authority’s Harbour Master Port Kembla & South Coast Sharad Bhasin said the AAT
terminal receives over 400,000 vehicles annually and it was great to have this exercise held here
with representatives from NSW Fire & Rescue, NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, Environment
Protection Authority, NSW Ports, AAT, Maritime, and Svitzer all participating.

“Today’s training exercise highlights how multiple emergency response agencies work
collaboratively to ensure we are in the best position to protect people and the environment in the
event of an emergency,” said Mr Bhasin.

“Everyone involved is highly trained with specialised skills and in the event of a real-life incident,
these play a critical role when every second counts.

“By continuing to prepare and practice our skills annually and acting out our emergency protocols
and procedures in a realistic scenario, we can plan and evaluate the outcomes and address any
opportunities to improve.”

NSW Ports GM Operations and Environment Jonathan Lafforgue said the multi-agency drill provided an opportunity to put well-established emergency plans into practice, while also enabling agencies to collaborate and share ideas.

“Emergency preparedness is critical to ensure all agencies are familiar with the established
processes and understand their role in the event of an incident,” he said.

“While we always hope we don’t need to put these plans into practice in a real-life event, exercises
like the one conducted today provide our teams with invaluable experience.

“We’d like to thank the emergency services for their participation in these exercises and their
ongoing support of the port precinct.”

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