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Community complaints procedure

If you have a complaint or enquiry about activities at our ports, please call our 24/7 community enquiries and complaints line on 02 9296 4962.

OracleCMS manages Port Authority’s complaints and enquiries line on a 24/7 basis. This ensures complaints are managed in real-time at any time of the day or night.

How the complaints process works

  1. Call our 24/7 community enquiries and complaints line on 02 9296 4962

  2. OracleCMS will receive the complaint and take details of the nature of the call. Please provide specific details where possible: date, time, vessel name, etc

  3. A verbal response is provided, including an outline of how the call will be managed

  4. Action is taken by OracleCMS depending on the nature of the complaint. This may include contacting our operations team for real‑time investigation and action if required (e.g. contacting a ship and/or the ship’s agent in the event of a noise complaint)

  5. OracleCMS emails the complaint to Port Authority 

  6. Details on the response outcome will be emailed to the complainant by Port Authority within three working days 

  7. Complaints will be registered and allocated a reference number and kept in a central database by Port Authority.

In the event of an emergency call Triple Zero (000)

Emergency calls directed to OracleCMS will be immediately forwarded through to the Port Authority Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) for immediate action.