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Our marine operations teams are at the core of what we do: to provide safe, efficient and sustainable, world-class marine service across our ports.

Port Authority’s marine operations teams are the hands-on maritime specialists that keep ships safe, ensure our ports are secure and protect our marine environments from harm.

Join the marine operations team and you could find yourself heading out to sea to help bring in the biggest ships in the business; protecting our waterways by responding to marine emergencies or environmental hazards; or using state-of-the-art equipment to help ships navigate through our ports.

“Being out on the water is something I never tire of and every day can present a different experience. The ports and shipping is a big part of harbour life that most only see from the shore and know little about. It’s an exciting industry to work in and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.”  
Paul, Marine Operations - Port Authority of NSW

Where could a marine operations career at Port Authority take you?

There are many marine operations opportunities at Port Authority. Here are just some of the ways you could join us:

  • Marine pilots
    Our marine pilots are highly skilled and experienced mariners who head out on the water to transfer to cruise ships, cargo ships and tankers to help them safely navigate and maneuver through the busy ports of New South Wales.

  • Marine operations and emergency response
    Our port officers use their maritime expertise to provide safe, efficient and sustainable world-class marine services to all port users. Our port officers crew our pilot and service vessels, respond to marine emergencies and environmental incidents, undertake security patrols, maintain equipment and berths and ensure port users comply with procedures.

  • Vessel traffic navigation
    Our vessel traffic specialists monitor and manage the navigation of vessels in and out of our ports and harbours to keep people, ships and infrastructure safe and to protect the environment. They schedule and direct vessel movements, provide navigational advice based on information from radar and closed-circuit television and provide mariners with important information and warnings in real time.

  • Hydrographic surveying and mapping
    Our surveying and mapping experts provide high-quality hydrographic charts of our waterways to our pilots and harbour masters so they can ensure navigational channels remain safe for ships to pass through.