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    Emergency and Incident Information

    Any incident resulting in a threat to either life of property should be reported immediately to Emergency Triple Zero (000).

    Port Authority of New South Wales provides a 24 hour emergency response for port related marine incidents for both Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay.

    Any port related emergency should be reported immediately by phone to Triple Zero (000) or by radio on VHF Ch 12 (Botany) or VHF Ch 13 (Sydney).

    Incidents requiring a non-urgent response can be reported by:

    phone: +61 2 9296 4000
    email: enquiries@portauthoritynsw.com.au

    Port Authority of New South Wales has responsibility for Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay and for 90km of New South Wales coastal waters up to three nautical miles out to sea. We operate a fleet of vessels and specialised equipment used for fire-fighting, oil spill response, salvage and vessel assistance anywhere in these waters.

    Port Authority of New South Wales also provides personnel to both the State and National Oil Response Teams.

    Our highly trained emergency response teams answer more than 200 reports of marine pollution every year, and we conduct more than 3,000 audits annually of vessels transferring bulk oil, gas and chemicals to ensure operations are conducted safely and in accordance with the NSW Dangerous Goods (General) Regulations 1999 and relevant International Standards.

    Each port facility has its own fire and emergency evacuation procedure. If you require information on these procedures please contact the Work, Health & Safety team:

    phone: +61 2 9296 4999
    email: WHS@portauthoritynsw.com.au

    Emergency and incident response are vital to the operation of any port. Emergency situations may arise, including spillage of dangerous or hazardous substances, fires and other accidents.

    Port Authority of New South Wales highly-trained emergency response team responds to more than 200 reports of marine pollution each year. About 98% of reports are found to be unrelated to commercial shipping activities and attributed to pollution from recreational vessels, debris or land-sourced run-off.

    Port Authority provides a 24-hour emergency response that can deal with incidents in both Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay.

    In the case of any emergency involving life or property, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

    Port Security

    A number of major ports around the world including Sydney, operate under a heightened sense of security awareness.

    Port Authority of New South Wales has always taken port security and safety seriously. With 99% of Australia's international trade transported by sea, Sydney's ports are pivotal to Australia's economic future, handling more than $50 billion of international and domestic trade annually.

    In response to the risk of terrorism, the Commonwealth Government has interpreted the International Ship and Port Facility and Security (ISPS) Code, through its introduction of the Maritime Transport And Offshore Facilities Security Act (MTOFSA) and Offshore Facilities Security Regulation 2003. In June 2004, the Commonwealth Office of Transport Security (OTS) approved Port Authority of New South Wales maritime security plans for Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay, compliant with MTOFSA and the ISPS Code.

    In addition to Port Authority maritime security plans, foreign and Australian trading vessels, many port facilities and port service providers also have maritime security plans.

    In Port Botany, the facilities that are required to have maritime security plans under the MTOFSA are the DP World and Patrick container terminals, Caltex Kurnell jetty/berths and Port Authority of New South Wales Bulk Liquids Berth.

    In the port of Sydney Harbour, facilities that are required to have maritime security plans under the MTOFSA are: Sydney Harbour, Barangaroo 5, Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay, Glebe Island / White Bay and Shell Gore Cove.

    Increased security measures include establishing forums for information sharing between Government Agencies and regulated port users; new and upgraded fencing and gates; restricted access to sensitive areas; background checking of port workers through the introduction of the Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC); signage; access control; increased closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance; perimeter patrols; and increased monitoring of port precincts, particularly the waterside.


    Port Authority owns and operates Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in accordance with an established Code of Practice and is subject to state and federal law.

    Port Authority CCTV will be operated fairly within the applicable law and only for the purposes for which it is established or which are subsequently agreed in accordance with the Code of Practice.

    Inquiries in relation to Closed Circuit Television owned and operated by Port Authority should be made in writing to:

    Manager Port Security
    Port Authority of New South Wales
    PO Box 25
    phone: + 61 2 9296 4888

    Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC)

    The Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) is part of the Australian governments' initiative to strengthen maritime security.

    MSIC is a national identification card issued to individuals required to work unmonitored or unescorted in a maritime security zone.

    Important Notice

    The Sydney Ports Corporation Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) Service Centre ceased as an authorised MSIC issuing body as of 29 November 2013.

    We are very pleased to advise that we have an agreement with Veritas Engineering Pty Ltd to support all existing corporation issued MSIC card holders and applicants.

    Any individual requiring a new card, seeking to renew a card, updating contact details or reporting a maritime security relevant offence should contact Veritas Engineering Pty Ltd to begin their application at www.msic.net.au.