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Sydney Harbour


For passage planning tankers in Sydney Harbour are required to use 10% of deepest draft + 0.2m UKC. This can be reduced to 10% of deepest draft if the tide does not make to the predicted level.

Tankers berthed at the Kurnell berths are required to maintain 1m UKC at all times

Minimum Permissible Draft for All Vessels
Refer to section 2.41 of the Harbour Master's Directions.

Sydney - Maximum Permissible Draft
Refer to section 2.42 of the Harbour Master's Directions.

Botany Bay - Maximum Permissible Draft
Refer to section 2.42 of the Harbour Harbour Master's Directions.

Underkeel Clearance

All seagoing ships navigating within port limits are required to maintain an underkeel clearance (UKC) of 10% of the vessel’s deepest draft for the harbour transit to the outer seaward limit of the berth box and 0.5m to sail or berth and at all times whilst alongside except with the approval of the Harbour Master.

Berths and Channels 

Port Authority Berths and Channels provides the latest depth information for the shipping berths and channels within Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay, as administered by Port Authority.

All depths shown are reduced to chart datum and have been surveyed using a high resolution multibeam echosounder system.

Notifications of updates to the Berths and Channels document are emailed. Please contact the Manager Survey Services if you would like to be included on the notification list.