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    Port Authority of New South Wales believes that our environmental management role extends beyond our own operations to advocating environmentally sustainable development and operations within the ports. We support shipping, port developers and operators in adopting sustainable business approaches and promote innovation in design and operation.

    Green Port Guidelines

    These guidelines were created to provide our tenants with a variety of simple strategies and practices in order to build environmentally sustainable developments. The guidelines demonstrate how new developments and port operations can be both environmentally friendly and commercially viable.

    Included in the guidelines are the following considerations and key environmental issues concerning port operations and facilities:

    • Resource consumption including materials selection, waste management, water consumption, energy use and transportation
    • Environmental Quality including indoor environment, emissions, water quality, land use and environmental management

    Tenants and port operators proposing to undertake development on Port Authority land are encouraged to incorporate suggestions from the Green Port Guidelines during the planning and application stages of a new project, operation or activity at the port.

    Applicants are asked to demonstrate this by completing the accompanying checklist which is reviewed by Port Authority. The guidelines are also recommended to assist in providing direction during construction, fit out and operational stages of a project.

    For more information on the Green Port Guidelines, please contact Port Authority on:

    phone: +61 2 9296 4999.

    The guidelines can also be downloaded from the Environmental Publications section.