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  • Commitment to responsible environmental management

    Port Authority of New South Wales is committed to protect and preserve port lands under its control and port waters in the ports of Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay, Newcastle, Port Kembla, Port of Eden and Port of Yamba. Port Authority also recognises that activities within the ports must be carried out in accordance with sound commercial practice. Our Environmental Policy covers the following sections:

    Compliance with health, safety and environmental laws

    Ensuring compliance with health, safety and environmental laws is adhered to, whilst taking corrective action when deficiencies are detected.

    Port use planning

    All development on port lands under its control is managed by the Port Authority to optimise efficiency while minimising the risk to and impact of that development on the ports and their surrounding communities.

    Safe handling of material

    Port Authority manages and enforces the NSW dangerous goods regulations for port areas in order to provide for the safe and efficient handling of such goods.

    Minimise resource usage

    The Port Authority acts to minimise the use of raw materials, toxic substances, energy, water and other resources and encourages other port users to adopt a similar policy.

    Immediate response to incidents

    Port Authority maintains an emergency response capability within the ports of Newcastle, Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay, Port Kembla, Eden and Yamba to respond to marine emergencies.  Port Authority will respond to port related emergencies and is the lead agency for responses to maritime incidents and clean-up of marine pollution within a broader area of operations stretching from Fingal Head, Port Stephens to Gerroa, Seven Mile Beach, south of Port Kembla.  Port Authority may also extend its emergency response capability to assist in a co-ordinated response to a marine incident in other State ports and other NSW state waters.

    The Port Authority requires that all incidents within the ports’ boundaries be reported immediately.

    Training program

    Port Authority continues to develop training programs and exercises to maintain a high level of environmental, safety awareness and emergency preparedness.


    Port Authority co-operates with other regulatory authorities, its contractors, tenants and other port users to uphold its responsibilities.

    Continual improvement

    Port Authority sets strategies and implements actions to continually improve its safety and environmental performance.