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    Port Authority of New South Wales manages, develops and maintains port assets under its ownership and/or management across its ports in NSW.

    Current Projects

    Glebe Island multi-user facility

    Glebe Island in Sydney Harbour has been a vital maritime supply route for over 100 years. The port’s berths provide a low-cost, low-impact and sustainable way to bring dry bulk materials into the city. Now, a new port facility on Glebe Island will help supply the city’s construction boom.

    Eden Welcome Centre

    The Eden Welcome Centre will be a new building located on the fisherman’s co-op site in Eden, facilitating the movement of over 100,000 cruise passengers to the local region each year. 


    Macquarie Pier Revitalisation Project

    Newcastle’s iconic Macquarie Pier will be revitalised in a major $3 million improvement project by Port Authority of New South Wales.  The upgrade will see a new, widened pathway complete with sandstone seating, maritime-style fencing, and interpretive heritage features along the 900m route.



    Cruise capacity detailed business case

    The NSW Government made a commitment in the NSW Cruise Development Plan released in July 2018, to assess different options for addressing cruise capacity constraints in Sydney. This is a long-term approach to support the NSW cruise industry and its many benefits to the NSW and Australian economies.



    Past projects

    Find out more about some of Port Authority's previous projects