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    Since 2014, the Port of Eden has seen a significant increase in cruise ship visitation. To allow cruise ships to berth alongside in Snug Cove, rather than anchoring in Twofold Bay and tendering passengers ashore by boat, a $44 million wharf extension commenced construction in August 2017 and was completed in August 2019.

    Passenger vessels up to 325 metres in length are now able to berth alongside the upgraded wharf due to the completion of the following key works:

    • dredging of approximately 231,500m3 of in situ material from the bed of Snug Cove/Twofold Bay and installing scour protection
    • a new wharf face approximately 110m long, resulting from extending the existing wharf by approximately 95m
    • installing three mooring dolphins and two berthing dolphins
    • installing onshore mooring bollards on the existing wharf
    • upgrading existing services such as lighting, power and potable water and emergency fire-fighting water
    • installing navigation aids.

    As a consequence of the extended wharf, Eden will experience an increasing visitation of cruise ships and opportunities to local businesses will grow to drive a predicted $48.4 million in regional economic growth, as well as creating more than 80 jobs in the tourism, hospitality and stevedoring industry.

    To cater for the growth of cruise in Eden, Port Authority is committed to opening a new facility to welcome and disseminate cruise passengers transiting in Snug Cove. It is anticipated that the facility will be operational in 2020 in time for the 2020-21 cruise season.

    Project information - relevant documents:

    Approvals & Documents
    Project approval information and documents for the Eden Breakwater Wharf extension were completed by Department of Industry and are available on the NSW Government Major Project's website.

    Additional project documents that have been developed and outline the project’s approach to managing site operations, the environment and engaging with the community are as follows:

    Information on construction of the Eden Breakwater Wharf extension project is available on the Department of Industry website

    Statutory approvals, licences and permits
    Information on the statutory approvals, licences and permits for the Eden Breakwater Wharf extension project is available on the Department of Industry Website.

    Community consultative committee
    The community consultative committee has been formed from the existing project community liaison group, which was formed in January 2015. The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum for discussion between Port Authority, community representatives, key stakeholder groups and Bega Valley Shire Council.

    It comprises an independent chairperson, and community representatives from port businesses, maritime user groups, residents surrounding the Port of Eden and the relevant maritime authority, a council representative, and members of the project team.

    Please find the minutes of previous meetings.

    Contact information

    phone: +61 2 6496 4721

    Banner: Photo Credit - Paul Whiter (Doubletake)