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Glebe Island and White Bay Draft Port Noise Policy

There is an increasing demand in the Sydney city for construction materials (including sand to make concrete) to service the NSW Government’s major infrastructure projects. To assist, Port Authority is building a multi-user facility at Glebe Island that will provide a low-impact and sustainable way to ship the materials. This will lead to an increase in shipping movements to the port.

Effectively managing community noise exposure and noise levels from commercial ships is key to the successful operation of the port of Glebe Island and White Bay. To achieve this, Port Authority is developing a Port Noise Policy to manage noise proactively, consistently and fairly across port operations in Glebe Island and White Bay. 

About the Port Noise Policy

The draft Port Noise Policy and draft Vessel Noise Operating Protocol aims to manage noise from commercial shipping in a way that that is acceptable to the local community, while recognising and optimising Glebe Island and White Bay’s ongoing, long-term status as a working port.

This policy is the first of its kind in Australia and aims to provide certainty about noise management for the community, port users and other stakeholders.

The Port Noise Policy includes:

  • guidelines and explanations of noise triggers for individual ships visiting Glebe Island and White Bay, and consequences if the ship exceeds those triggers, explained in the draft Vessel Noise operating Protocol
  • guidelines and explanations of precinct-wide landside noise criteria
  • a framework to guide future noise assessments and planning controls
  • a goal for gradual long-term reduction of ship noise while at berth. 

The Draft Policy documents include:

The formal consultation period has now closed. Port Authority will consider all submissions received and prepare a Response to Submissions report which will be published on this webpage.

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