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  • 04/06/2019 09:52 AM

    The secrets of Sydney Harbour revealed

    Shifting sands, sunken ships and submerged cars. Port Authority’s hydrographic survey team reveal some of the stranger secrets resting on Sydney Harbour’s seafloor.

    The path of the marine pilot
    The major shipping channels and berths of Sydney Harbour mapped out by the Port Authority hydrographic survey team — images like this help develop marine pilot plans to navigate large ships safely into the harbour.


    Underwater flyby
    An underwater bathymetric ‘flyby’ created by the hydrographic survey team at Port Authority of NSW reveals what lies beneath the water of Sydney Harbour. Note the wreck of the TSS Currajong lying just off Bradley’s Head.

    Tunnel vision

    This image shows the top of the Harbour Tunnel making its way under Circular Quay on its way to North Sydney, as well as the change in depth from the edge of the Opera House.


    What a wreck
    A 3D image of the TSS Currajong — a collier that was sunk in 1910 and now Sydney’s largest shipwreck, lying about 30 metres under one of Australia’s busiest shipping lanes.


    That sinking feeling
    A sunken sailing vessel on Sydney Harbour’s seafloor. Underwater hazards can occur at any time so Port Authority’s survey team regularly scans the seafloor of the ports of New South Wales to help keep ships safe.


    The car park with harbour views
    A submerged sports car — just one of the many cars discovered on Sydney Harbour’s seafloor found near the city’s wharves and jetties.

    The Port Authority of New South Wales hydrographic survey team ensure the waters of Sydney Harbour, Port Botany, Port Kembla, Yamba and Eden are safe for shipping at all times. They measure and map the depths and features of the seabed so ships of all sizes can navigate safely through port.

    The survey team are part of Port Authority’s marine operations team that works 24/7 to keep the ports of NSW safe, secure and open to the world.

    Find out more about Port Authority’s hydrographic survey team

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