Opera Australia Carmen stage
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  • 22/03/2017 09:30 AM

    Stage for Opera Australia’s Carmen built at Glebe Island

    Wondering how the magnificent stage set for this year’s Handra Opera was built and set up right on Sydney Harbour?

    Providing access to land and deep water berths is one of many ways the Port Authority of NSW enables Sydney to host and stage a number of spectacular harbour based events throughout the year, including Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks.

    This year’s production of Carmen by Opera Australia is no exception. The stage set was built at Glebe Island 2 between 12 February and 7 March before being floated around to the staging area adjacent to Mrs Macquarie's Chair in an elaborate on water operation.

    Carmen will run from Friday 24 March until Saturday 23 April at which time the stage will be floated back around to Glebe Island 2 and disassembled.

    Glebe Island and White Bay are also regularly used as staging grounds for major construction projects, including most recently the Barangaroo Ferry Terminal.