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20/10/2021 09:24 AM

Teamwork and innovative technology see a record-breaking berth at Port Botany  

Port Authority’s pilotage and VTS teams helped break records at Port Botany on Friday 15 October when they played a part in the safe arrival of the deepest and heaviest container ship ever at the port, and possibly the deepest container ship to berth at any port in Australia. 

The ship, MSC Asya, came in with a draught of 14.8 meters and a displacement of 140,252 tonnes. The DUKC (Dynamic Under Keel Clearance) technology used by PANSW at the port allowed for accurate predictions of the under-keel clearance required to berth the ship safely, by factoring in all the complex conditions required including the ship’s weight, dynamic motions of the vessel and live weather conditions.  

 Port Authority of NSW Sydney Harbour Master Myron Fernandes said Port Botany handles ships of similar lengths and capacity regularly, but the MSC Asya is the deepest and the heaviest containership yet to call at Port Botany.  

“While the DUKC is an important part of what made it possible to bring a ship with a 14.8-metre draught into the port, the work of the pilotage and VTS teams in this achievement was equally as important,” he said.  

“We’ve now proven that Port Botany can accommodate ships with similar draughts easily and safely.”  

Myron noted an important aspect of this achievement is being able to safely manage ships with deeper draughts which means facilitating greater cargo carrying capacity.  

“Through this recent achievement, PANSW has managed to showcase greater efficiency and capacity outcomes at the port without the need for significant changes in infrastructure,” Mr Fernandes said.  

OMC’s CEO Peter O’Brien said as the containerships that call Australia get bigger, being able to manage ports more efficiently and safely is increasingly important.  

“Risk mitigation is an important part of what DUKC does. It allows port managers to bring larger vessels in, and do it more safely, “Mr O’Brien said. 

“The recent record for the MSC Asya – understood to be the deepest ever container vessel into an Australian port - highlight how DUKC® can enhance port efficiency whilst ensuring navigational safety for deep draft vessels,’’ Mr O’Brien said  

“Digital technologies such as DUKC® are playing a significant role in addressing the challenges of optimising port operations.”  

“OMC is proud of our relationship with Port Authority of NSW over many years at Port Kembla and Newcastle, and we are excited to see DUKC® delivering benefits for Port Botany and the shipping industry they serve.” 

 A thank you to our pilotage and VTS teams, the tugs, shipping line, and the terminal for working together and making this happen.