Panoramic view of Foreshore Beach
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  • 16/12/2016 09:00 AM

    New rock wall groynes at Foreshore Beach

    Work to construct rock wall groynes on Foreshore Beach at Botany Bay to reduce the erosion of sand and ongoing blocking of stormwater pipes has now been completed.

    Two stormwater outlets at the beach were experiencing regular sand blockages which was causing flooding in the Botany area during heavy rainfall.

    The strip of beach between Sydney Airport and Port Botany began showing signs of sand erosion after the expansion of Port Botany.

    The new groynes provides both ecological and community benefits by protecting the beach for future use by the local community and protecting the sensitive seagrass growing nearby.

    Port Authority of New South Wales partnered with Sydney Water on this project to deliver the best outcome for the community.

    For detailed project information click here.