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07/10/2020 12:46 PM

New maritime training program for Indigenous women in NSW

Indigenous women will take the helm in NSW and set their careers on a new course thanks to a unique maritime training program developed by Port Authority of New South Wales and Tribal Warrior.

Port Authority of New South Wales has partnered with not-for-profit Tribal Warrior to develop a maritime training program that will help Indigenous women set a new course for their careers.

Tribal Warrior’s Female Maritime Traineeship Program will provide practical on-the-job training and mentoring backed with the formal qualifications needed to succeed in the maritime industry.

The two-year course will give trainees essential seamanship skills and help them gain valuable sea-time experience so they can attain the maritime qualification of Master up to 24 metres (near coastal).

Port Authority will sponsor trainees to work alongside its maritime professionals in Sydney, Port Botany, Newcastle and Port Kembla.

Image: Team members from Port Authority and Tribal Warrior meeting in Sydney Harbour in January 2020

Tribal Warrior is the only Indigenous maritime training company operating within Australia and has helped many skippers now working in the maritime sector.

“We’ve partnered with Tribal Warrior to develop a pathway for Indigenous women that leads to real career opportunities within the maritime industry,” says Sarah Marshall, Port Authority’s general manager for Sydney operations and program project leader.

“Australia faces a shortage of maritime professionals and young people, women and Indigenous Australians are significantly under-represented in the industry.”

The latest Seafaring Skills Census by Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) found that only five per cent of Australia’s seafarers are female, one per cent from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background and only eight per cent under 30 years old.

“We want to help build Australia’s maritime skill base, provide opportunities and encourage people from diverse backgrounds to develop a fulfilling career in this remarkable industry,” says Sarah.

“In 2018, Port Authority launched its Sponsored Deck Cadet Program to help young seafarers get placements and experience on sea-going vessels. Now, Tribal Warrior’s Female Maritime Traineeship Program will open up maritime opportunities to even more people.”

Join the program in Newcastle

Having secured placements in Sydney and Port Kembla, Port Authority is seeking candidates to join Tribal Warrior’s Female Maritime Traineeship Program in Newcastle. The paid program is open to Indigenous women of any age and no maritime experience is necessary.

Find out more details about the Tribal Warrior’s Female Maritime Traineeship Program here.

For information on how to apply, send an email to Port Authority.

Find out more about Tribal Warrior

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