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  • 23/10/2018 10:43 AM

    Mission to Seafarers: Operation Cruise Terminal

    Cruise ship crew members can spend months at sea — away from home and family. Now, maritime charity Mission to Seafarers will be on hand to help crew members

    As the cruise season gets into gear and cruise ships sail into Sydney Harbour each day, spare a thought for the thousands of crew members who make these voyages possible.

    The largest cruise ships can carry over 2000 international crew members. Their jobs may be varied but they all have one thing in common — spending a very long time at sea, a very long way from home. Some crew members can spend up to 12 months at sea with only a small window for shore leave when in port.

    Thankfully, the maritime charity Mission to Seafarers is setting up shop at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal to provide practical help and emotional support to crew members as they visit the city.

    Overseas Passenger Terminal - SydneyImage: Mission to Seafarers is setting up shop at Sydney's Overseas Passenger Terminal 

    Over the peak cruise season, Mission to Seafarers’ staff will be on site to assist crew members in any way they can. This includes free internet so seafarers can connect with family and friends, a currency exchange and facility to send wages to their families back home, information and advice on services in the local area, as well as pastoral and personal care to discuss private and confidential matters.

    With Christmas fast approaching — and with many crew members unable to go home during the festive period — Mission to Seafarers will also provide a delivery and pick up service for crew members ordering gifts online.

    There are more than 250 Mission to Seafarers Centres around the world, and more than 25 of those are in Australia. Port Authority is a proud supporter of Mission to Seafarers and provides practical assistance to the Sydney branch.

    You can also help by making a donation to Mission to Seafarers at

    Find out more about Mission to Seafarers