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  • 27/10/2017 09:20 AM

    Massive delivery for Port Kembla

    Port Kembla welcomed in some mega-machinery last week in one of the port's biggest ever deliveries.

    The massive equipment included three giant coal stackers which load coal into stockpiles ready for shipping, and a huge reclaimer which loads these stockpiles onto ships.

    The machinery was designed and constructed by Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Australia in Western Australia and loaded in a single lift onto the 152m-long heavy load carrier Jumbo Kinetic — the biggest ship in its class — to make its way to New South Wales.


    Port Kembla giant reclaimer machinery
    Image: One of the huge coal stackers arrives in Port Kembla

    The giant reclaimer, weighing an astonishing 1490 tonnes, was the biggest piece of machinery ever loaded onto a ship in a single lift at the Australian Marine Complex south of Perth

    The machinery was a three-year project costing $100 million and part of the Port Kembla Coal Terminal Restoration project which will replace the 30-year-old infrastructure currently in place at the terminal. When installed, the new machinery will be able to process 144,000 tonnes of coal per day.

    Image: Holding steady — the last piece of machinary makes it safely to shore

    Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT) is a coal exporting facility that services the rich Southern and Western coalfields of New South Wales.

    Located on the east coast of NSW, Port Kembla serves the needs of regional industries such as coal (export) and steel (import of raw materials and export of steel products). It is the principal grain export port for producers in southern and southwestern NSW and is the largest car importation terminal in Australia.

    The port is recognised as one of the Illawarra community’s key assets and supports the employment of many local people.

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