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03/02/2021 12:53 PM

Maritime Museum showcases Sydney’s working harbour in new exhibition  

Port Authority of New South Wales partners with the Australian National Maritime Museum in a new exhibition that reveals the inner workings of Sydney Harbour — above and below the water. 

It’s one of the great working harbours of the world and a new exhibition explores the people, professions, science and technology that keep Sydney Harbour safe.

Sponsored by Port Authority of New South Wales, the new Sydney Harbour Gallery at the Australian National Maritime Museum is a showcase of the inner workings of Australia’s most famous waterway.

Visitors can see ship models that highlight past and present commerce and trade, discover how hydrographic surveys unravel the mysteries of Sydney Harbour’s seafloor and see what 365 days of marine traffic looks like on the busy harbour through a large-format digital installation.

The gallery also showcases the work of local organisations and agencies, like the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and their program to restore vital habitats and protect biodiversity in and around the harbour. 

And joining the collection is the Westpac Little Ripper UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which performed the world’s first drone rescue at sea in January 2018. 

“Sydney’s working harbour is not only one of its biggest tourism assets, it is integral to the daily life of the nation’s biggest city,” says Kevin Sumption, Director and CEO of the museum. “The new Sydney Harbour Gallery and Ben Lexcen Terrace showcase not only how we live and work on our harbour but also the key environmental aspects that we need to be vigilant about. 

With a view out across Cockle Bay Wharf, the Sydney Harbour Gallery is perfectly positioned to let visitors reflect on the significance of Sydney’s working harboursays Port Authority CEO and Director, Philip Holliday. 

The harbour is Sydney’s greatest single asset — it’s shaped our past and will support our future. This exhibition shines a light on the diverse and important work that goes on every day — and often out of sight — to keep the harbour, its thousands of vessels and its marine environment safe and secure.” 

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