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  • 31/07/2019 09:45 AM

    International Maritime Organisation (IMO) visit Port Authority of NSW - Newcastle.

    The visit was brought about by Port Authority’s first in the world Vessel Arrival System that enhances port safety, efficiency and reduces environmental effects.

    The Port Authority’s Vessel Arrival System, operating in Newcastle Harbour, has received international interest from Europe and the International Maritime Organisation.

    The Port Authority presented information about the Vessel Arrival System to Kitack Lim – IMO Secretary General on his visit to Port Authority’s Newcastle operations. Also attending the presentation were City of Newcastle – Councillor Cr Peta Winney Baartz, Craig Carmody – CEO Port of Newcastle, Mick Kinley – CEO Australian Maritime Safety Association and Grant Gilfillan – CEO Port Authority of New South Wales, on Wednesday 31 July 2019.

    Group shotImage: The group enjoying their visit to Port Authority - Newcastle

    The European interest in the Vessel Arrival System, which has been in operation since 2010, came about because it utilises process similar to those being discussed in the Global Industry Alliance working group on Just in Time delivery and the Port Collarborative Decision Making (PortCDM).

    The presentation by Port Authority of New South Wales employees Emma Fensom – Chief Operating Office, Newcastle & Yamba, Jeanine Drummond – Harbour Master, Newcastle & Yamba and Bruce Cooper – Senior Manager, Port Services included a background to ship queue management off the port of Newcastle.  

    Image: Kitack Lim, IMO Secretary General being shown Newcastle Harbour on his visit to Port Authority’s Newcastle operations.

    A Vessel Arrival System was designed to better manage the arrival of vessels at Newcastle Harbour following the grounding of the Pasha Bulker in June 2007 which led to the investigation and review of ship queue management processes. This system reduces the need for vessels to anchor early in a queue off the Port and thus reduces the likelihood of safety incidents.  The Vessel Arrival System also provides an opportunity for vessels to reduce environmental effects by employing different speed optimisation strategies during the transit to the Port.

    The Vessel Arrival System was developed after detailed consultation with Australian Coal Shippers, local Coal Terminals, Japanese Shipping Companies, Japanese Power Utilities, Japanese Steel Mills, South Korean and Taiwanese shipping industries. The system was trialled in early 2010 and it was fully implemented in June 2010

    Benefits of the Vessel Arrival System include:

    • Improved safety of the anchorage by limiting the number of vessels at anchor waiting to enter the Port of Newcastle.
    • Reduced environmental impacts of vessels in the anchorage by limiting the number of vessels at anchor waiting to enter the Port of Newcastle and providing an alternative method to transit to the Port of Newcastle and therefore an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions.
    • Increased efficiency by constant tracking of vessel to ensure they will be at the port in time for entry.

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