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  • 05/04/2018 04:06 PM

    Coast Australia shoot new series in Sydney Harbour

    Port Authority of NSW gives TV show Coast Australia a helping hand with new series by opening the doors to Sydney’s iconic Hornby lighthouse.

    When the makers of Coast Australia wanted to get sweeping shots of Sydney Harbour for the new series, they looked no further than the vantage point from the heady heights of Hornby lighthouse on South Head, north of Watson’s Bay.

    Port Authority gave them exclusive access to the top of the lighthouse’s red and white tower, where Coast presenter, archaeologist, conservationist and author, Neil Oliver opened the show with the aid of a camera-carrying drone.

    Image: Coast Australia presenter Neil Oliver on top of Hornby lighthouse in Sydney

    The iconic Hornby lighthouse was first constructed in 1858 after the tragic loss of two ships and 142 lives in 1857. The lighthouse, first manned by lighthouse keepers but automated in 1933, is now a heritage-listed asset and a picturesque destination for tourists walking the South Head Heritage trail.

    But Hornby lighthouse remains fully working and operational and is managed by Port Authority as one of a network of seven lighthouses that light the way for ships coming into Sydney Harbour.

    Image: The Coast Australia TV crew on a shoot in Sydney Harbour

    Coast Australia is a spin-off of the ever-popular British BBC series Coast. The series travels along the coastline and tells the stories and history of the people and places, events and environments that make up our maritime history.

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