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03/02/2021 06:04 PM

Sustainable future planned for ports of NSW 

Port Authority of NSW launches a new employee-led plan to develop and deliver sustainable initiatives across the working ports of NSW. 

Recognised for outstanding design and innovation at the Good Design Awards 2020 Port Authority’s award-winning Sustainability Plan will see the maritime organisation roll out sustainable projects across NSW’s six working ports at Sydney Harbour, Port Botany, Newcastle Harbour, Port Kembla, Eden and Yamba. 

Our Sustainability Plan will help us shape a sustainable future for the ports of NSW,” says Philip Holliday, Chief Executive Officer and DirectorPort Authority of NSW. 

“We’ve developed a long-term plan that goes beyond a tick-list of top-level targets. Instead, it provides our teams with a holistic and meaningful framework to embed sustainable practices into every aspect of maintaining the safety, security and success of our working ports.” 

Image: Port Authority’s award-winning Sustainability Plan was designed in collaboration with employees

Created in collaboration with employees over a 12-month periodPort Authority’s Sustainability Plan is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and identifies four key areas to develop sustainable initiatives: communities and partnerships, environment and places, operations and ways of working and Port Authority’s people. 

“Engaging with our people has been the key to finding sustainable opportunities at every level of our organisation,” says Mr Holliday. “Our plan will help us improve the efficiency of our marine operations, reduce impacts to the environment, work with others on shared sustainable goals and ensure our people continue to thrive in safe, healthy and supportive work environments. It all adds up to creating a sustainable future for the ports of NSW. 

Image: Port Authority’s Sustainability Plan is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Port Authority will develop sustainable initiatives across its ports in conjunction with its Vision and Strategic Plan 2020–25 announced earlier this year.  

Ports and shipping carry 99 per cent of Australia’s trade by volume — they’re vital to our way of life,” says Mr Holliday. “Shipping already represents the most sustainable way of transporting goods long distances and now, the Australian ports sector is increasing its focus on sustainability and improving environmental, economic and social outcomes.” 

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