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Newcastle Harbour

External services offered in Newcastle Harbour

The services outlined on this page are those provided to ships and their crews, and to those in the business of moving and storing cargo. This is general information only and these services are not provided by Port Authority of New South Wales and Port Authority does not maintain information on these services or the businesses that provide these services.

Freight Forwarders / Customs Agents

These organisations handle individual consignments of freight on behalf of smaller importers and exporters. They are responsible for arranging and managing all services required for the movement of cargo from origin to destination.

Line services

Line service providers take mooring lines from the ship by small boat and transfers them to land to enable the ship to be moored efficiently and are usually provided by a tug service.

Ships Agents

A Ships Agent organises most of the needs of an incoming ship on behalf of the ship owner. They may arrange crew changes and transport, refuelling of the vessel, provisioning and so on.

Ships Repair

Ship repairers help with the maintenance of vessels, keeping them seaworthy and in good order.


Stevedores are responsible for the safe loading and unloading of the ship’s cargo.


Towage refers to the use of tugs to help move or position a vessel during entry to or exit from a port or berth. Towage service providers may also provide line handling services.

Transport operators

These organisations continue the transport chain from the ship to the receiver. This is usually done by truck or by rail.