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Port Authority of New South Wales manages Macquarie Pier on behalf of the New South Wales State Government. Macquarie Pier is available for both public and private functions, activities (including filming hire) and events.

Each function, activity or event held at Macquarie Pier requires the prior written approval of Port Authority. An application must be submitted to and received by Port Authority 3 months in advance of a proposed event date. A minimum of 30 days’ notice is required for Port Authority to process an application for use of Macquarie Pier. Port Authority will consider the merits of each application and has the right to approve, conditionally approve or refuse any application.

If a function, activity or event proposed to be held at Macquarie Pier is free to the public or for a charitable cause, subject to the applicant following the process below, the use of Macquarie Pier for that function, activity or event will be free of charge (except for the administration fee referred to below). If, however, the proposed use of Macquarie Pier is associated with a private/commercial function, activity or event, Port Authority reserves the right to charge the applicant a fee for hire for the use of Macquarie Pier (‘Hiring Fee’) commensurate with the type of use, in addition to the administration fee referred to below.

Process for applying to use Macquarie Pier for Functions, Activities or Events

The process to be followed by an organisation or person seeking to use Macquarie Pier for, or in connection with, a function, activity or event is set out as follows:

    1. The applicant must complete and submit Part 1 of the application form on this webpage to Port Authority at least 3 calendar months prior to the proposed event date. Port Authority will not consider an application made less than 30 days from the proposed event date.
    2. If Port Authority assesses the completed Part 1 of the application form as eligible for further consideration, the applicant will be required to complete and submit Part 2 of the application form on this webpage to Port Authority, attaching all required documentation listed on that form.
    3. If Port Authority assesses the submitted Part 2 of the application form as eligible for acceptance, Port Authority will:
      • charge the approved applicant an administration fee of $150.00 to process the application and prepare the required licence for use for execution by the approved applicant. Depending on the use or reason for hire of Macquarie Pier, Port Authority may, in its absolute discretion, retain the administration fee, waive the administration fee or, if the applicant is a charitable organisation, donate it back to that organisation; and
      • assess whether the approved applicant should be charged a Hiring Fee based on the proposed use and notify the applicant of the amount of the Hiring Fee. If, due to the amount of the Hiring Fee, the applicant determines not to proceed with the hire, Port Authority will refund the applicant the cost of the administration fee.

An applicant approved to use Macquarie Pier in accordance with the above process is not permitted to use Macquarie Pier for the relevant function, activity or event until Port Authority has received an executed copy of the licence for use and, if Port Authority determines that a Hiring Fee is payable, full payment of the amount of the Hiring Fee.

Whilst using Macquarie Pier, an approved applicant must adhere to the conditions of the executed licence and comply with the security, operational and other requirements of Port Authority at all times.

Note: Port Authority’s properties and precincts are primarily used for port operations. As such, Port Authority may need to cancel an approved function, activity or event if the space previously identified as available for hire is required for port operations. Should this occur, the hirer will be refunded the full cost of any administration fee and/or Hiring Fee paid.

Application forms

Part 1 Application form 

Part 2 Application form

Map of Macquarie Pier

Aerial map of Macquarie Park

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