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    A working port for over 100 years, now a new port facility on Glebe Island will help supply the city’s construction boom.

    Glebe Island in Sydney Harbour has been a vital maritime supply route for over 100 years. The port’s berths provide a low-cost, low-impact and sustainable way to bring dry bulk materials into the city.

    Glebe Island has played a key role in supporting Sydney’s construction supply needs since the early 1990s. Currently, Glebe Island receives shipments of cement, sugar, salt and gypsum. Importing materials by sea brings significant environmental and social benefits by minimising congestion, air pollution and road maintenance costs arising from truck movements on roads in the Sydney region.

    Now, the role of this crucial asset will continue following planning approval for a new import, storage and distribution facility for critical construction supplies.

    Response to Submissions released and project approved

    Submissions were sought on the proposal to build a multi-user facility at Glebe Island adjacent to berths 1 and 2 as part of a voluntary public display Review of Environmental Factors (REF) in 2018 by Port Authority. Over 300 submissions were received.

    To respond to the submissions and issues raised during the public consultation period, a comprehensive Response to Submission (RtS) Report, including additional environmental assessment work to examine and take into account matters affecting, or likely to affect, the environment, was completed.

    Status of the multi-user facility

    The proposed multi-user facility was assessed and determined (approved) under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Port Authority is in the process of discussing the use of space within the multi-user facility with prospective operators.

    The development of the multi-user facility is consistent with the NSW Government’s key strategic planning documents including The Greater Sydney Region Plan, Eastern City District Plan and the NSW Freight and Ports Plan. It also aligns with the Government’s intent to maintain the working port due to its strategic and state significance, and its ability to serve a wide variety of cargo, trading and industrial maritime needs.

    There is a crucial need for Sydney to import critical dry bulk construction materials for concrete production, due to the depletion of local sand supplies in Sydney and the need to meet the increasing demand for these materials in the inner city. This will help service the demands of the NSW Government’s commitment to deliver $93 billion of infrastructure projects for at least the next 10 years.

    Planning process

    Part 5 is an automatic and non-discretionary statutory planning provision and is consistent with the approaches of other public authorities regarding respective development works. Port Authority, as a delegated approval authority, considered the REF, the RtS Report and the associated environmental assessments, and determined that the multi-user facility is not likely to significantly affect the environment, with the implementation of the noted mitigation measures (conditions).

    Approvals under Part 5 of the Act, are subject to mitigation measures (i.e. conditions), which are enforceable. Port Authority, as the proponent, and operator of the multi-user facility is also legally bound to comply with those mitigation measures and intends to enforce these requirements through commercial arrangements and leases with its tenants.

    Download the RTS Report here

    Download the determination here 

    View ministerial correspondence between Minister for Transport and Roads and Minister for Department of Planning, Industry and Environment 

    View Port Authority response to items raised by Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

    More information:

    Next steps

    Register to receive updates as they become available.

    Port Authority’s Glebe Island and White Bay Community Liaison Group will be invited to form a community consultation panel to help decide on the amenity of the building.

    Construction for the multi-user facility is expected to commence around mid-2020. Further Information about the progress of the construction will be provided to the community, Glebe Island and White Bay Community Liaison Group and to people that register for updates.

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    24/7 Enquiries and complaints line: 02 9296 4962

    Note: Relocation of Hanson Construction concrete batching plant to Glebe Island

    The proposal to relocate Hanson’s concrete batching plant from Blackwattle Bay to Glebe Island is subject to a separate planning process. For more information visit or call 02 9354 2600.