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  • Glebe Island: Multi-User Facility

    Glebe Island has been a working port providing critical and low impact maritime supply options to the inner city for over 100 years.

    There is a crucial need for Sydney to import critical construction materials due to the depletion of local sand supplies. Glebe Island is in close proximity to CBD construction, urban renewal and a construction boom driven by $70 billion of major infrastructure projects.

    Glebe Island is uniquely placed to provide a low cost, low impact sustainable entry point for these materials needed in the CBD and Bays Precinct.

    The import of dry bulk materials by sea brings significant environmental and social benefits by minimising congestion, air pollution and road maintenance costs arising from truck movements on roads.

    Public Consultation: Review of Environmental Factors

    Port Authority of NSW has sought community feedback on a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for a proposed multi-user facility at Glebe Island.

    The multi-user facility would involve the construction and operation of a multi-user facility for the import, storage and distribution of dry bulk materials (e.g. sand and aggregates) at Glebe 1 and 2.

    It would operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week as required.

    The proposed facility would facilitate ship off-loading and include radial electrical stackers and an enclosed storage building designed to enable feeding material from the stackers through building slot/s into the storage bays.

    The building slot/s would be closed when there is no ship-offloading. It would also feature internal truck receival and delivery facilities to reduce noise emissions.

    Next steps

    Port Authority sought feedback on the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) between Wednesday 31 January and Wednesday 28 February 2018.

    A Response to Submissions report is being prepared and will be published on this site when available. Community members that made a submission will be notified when the report becomes available.

    Port Authority will continue to work with community following the release of the Response to Submissions.

    For more information about the facility or the REF email

    Another part of the process for the multi-user facility is to undertake preliminary site investigations including geotechnical studies and surveys.

    These investigations will help to inform the detailed design of the multi-user facility should it be approved. The investigations will involve a small core drill rig being used on site. Acoustic impacts are not expected to be significant from this work. You may also notice additional vehicle movements and workers onsite during this preliminary work.

    Site investigations are anticipated to commence on Tuesday 18 September and will continue for approximately four weeks. Work hours will be between 7am-6pm Mondays to Fridays and 8am-1pm Saturdays. No out of hours work is anticipated.

    Note: Relocation of Hanson Construction concrete batching plant to Glebe Island

    The proposal to relocate Hanson’s concrete batching plant from Blackwattle Bay to Glebe Island is subject to a separate planning process. For more information visit or call 02 9354 2600.